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A problem faced by many mothers at the stage of diversification the child's nutrition is the baby's refuse to eat new foods. It is not possible to feed your little child exclusively with milk; the doctors tried to find viable solutions, in order for the little ones to receive their daily meals without being forced by their desperate mothers!

Thus, if your baby refuses constantly the food, try the following tips, which are available even when he grows:

1. You must always feed the child when he shows that he's hungry; Many parents try unnecessarily to feed their children at certain hours and refuse to give them to eat before the meal time.

2. As more as the child will stay longer without eating, since the trigger of the hunger reflex, as more will increase the chance to loose his appetite before the meal time and to become suddenly whining and finical. This doesn't mean that you must feed the child every time he wants it, you just have to pay attention to the moment when he is really hungry.

3. Do not feed the baby when he is very sleepy.Apart from the fact that his body will not be able to digest well the food, because of the slow metabolism, it is very likely to try feeding a nervous, whining and agitated child, states that are determined by sleep.

4. Do not expect to have absolute order and listening.Children, especially when they are very small, do not perceive the meal as a habit that usually requires peace. So don't expect that your baby to stay perfectly quiet, waiting quietly with his mouth opened for the tablespoons with food!

5. To distract his attention from the feeding itself, fact that is not interesting at all for him, offer him a toy to keep him busy, or small pieces of food to taste by himself. His involvement in the process of feeding draws his attention.

6. Reward him every time he eats quietly his meal.

7. If you are able to make him laugh and he will associate the laugh and the joy with the tablespoon of food, you will feed him easier in the future.

8. You must never force your child to eat!

Dr Mahani Razali
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